Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Seventy (69 + 1) (Idea for Story)

My mouth drops as I walk into the bedroom and laid my eyes upon the two of you. You were laying, on your sides, across the bed in the classic 69 position. I could see your head moving from side to side as you devoured her wet pussy. The sounds of your tongues working on each others pussy's while letting out an occasional moan from the pleasure instantly makes my cock rock hard. I walk across the room, slipping out of my clothes along the way, once I reach the chair I sit and watch this beautiful show being performed before my eyes. As the two of you continue pleasing each other, I wrap my hand around my cock and begin to slowly stroke myself, never taking my eyes off of the two of you.

As my excitement grows, I decide that I should help you two out. I walk over, near your face and gently pull your hair back, so I can have a better view of your tongue working her clit. I run my hand over your shoulder, down your back, coming to a rest in your favorite place. As I run my fingers over the lines of the tattoo on the small of your back, I feel your body tighten with excitement. Looking at your two bodies rubbing against each other and the scent of your aroused pussy's fill the air just adds to my already peaking excitement. I reach over and move her hair from her face too, I want to see her please your pussy with her masterful tongue. Slowly, I begin to massage your ass cheeks as you rock your hips on her face. I lean in and slide my cock between your wet lower lips and her tongue. My cock is instantly coated with your juices on one side and hers on the other. Teasingly, I begin to pump back and forth, tickling your clit with the head as she continues to run her tongue back and forth over my shaft.

As I pull myself away from you, she pulls her fingers from your already primed ass and spreads your cheeks wide for me. When I begin to tease your opening with the wet head of my cock, I can hear your moans of anticipation mixed with her juices in your mouth. You relax your ass, almost as if you are begging for me to enter you. Gently, I start to press my cock inside, as I begin to enter she suddenly places her hands on my balls and drags my cock deep into you. This sensation forces you to let out a loud moan of pleasure as your ass presses harder onto my cock. I slowly begin to pump against your movements as she continues to take care of your clit while my balls bounce off her forehead. I focus on your head bouncing in rhythm with me as you suck her clit into your mouth. The image of your mouth on her pussy sends shivers up my spine.

After pumping into you for a few minutes, I pull myself out of your ass and step back to let her please you again. She instantly moves from your pussy to your, now dripping, ass. Darting her tongue deep inside of you, she inserts several fingers into your pussy and begins to pump them in and out. I slowly begin to walk back around the two of you, pinching both your nipples and hers along the way. As I stand before your face, I once again begin to stroke my cock while watching your tongue flick over her wet lips. I watch as your eyes focus on my hand as it runs the length of my shaft. The lust in your eyes shows me you like what you see. As I stroke myself a few more times, you move your mouth from her pussy and run your flat tongue over her exposed ass. As you flick the tip of your tongue over her hole, you reach out and take my cock into your hand. You begin to pull me closer to your face, I willingly move toward you expecting my cock to land in your mouth. As I get closer, you guide my cock toward her awaiting hole and place the head of my cock against her. Our eyes meet as you move your hand to my ass and slam me into her, my cock sinking deep in one solid thrust.

Your pussy instantly drips with excitement as you watch my cock from inches away, you can see every detail of me entering her from your position. Not taking your eyes off my cock in her ass, you lower your mouth and suck her clit in hard. She lets out a moan as she sinks several fingers deep inside of your ass so you are filled too. With her fingers buried deep in your ass, you grab my ass and show me that you want me to pump into her harder. I instantly comply with your wishes and begin thrusting myself deep into her ass. Your hands spread her cheeks wider, so your view is unobstructed. You don't even want to blink, the site of my cock entering her before your eyes tenses your body as your first orgasm starts. As your orgasm peeks, your tongue rapidly starts flicking over her clit, your hips join in and start moving. You let out a loud squeal when your body begins to tremble from the power of this orgasm.

With your orgasm peaking, I withdraw my cock from her ass and slide it down between her legs. Coating it with her juices, I guide it into your mouth. You willingly take me all inside, licking the taste of both of your asses off of me. After licking me dry, I step back so you can continue to please her again. Watching you lick her wet ass I start to walk back behind you. I stand over her for a moment, watching her fingers pump into your ass as she dives her tongue deeper into your pussy. She looks up at me as she removes her fingers from your ass, her eyes are inviting me to enter you again. She pulls her head back so I have full access to you, this time my cock slides into you effortlessly in a single thrust. As I do, your body trembles again from the pleasure. I begin to pump my cock into your ass, each thrust becoming harder and faster against your cheeks. Watching me take your ass, she takes four fingers and enters them into your pussy as she sucks your clit into her mouth. With each withdrawal of my cock, she pushes her fingers deeper into your pussy. Together our rhythm has you totally filled at all times. The sensation of her mouth on your clit combined with both of us filling you fully, cause you to moan out again in ecstasy, so much that you can't lick her any longer. You replace your mouth with your hands as you tease her clit and ass together.

Looking up over your shoulder, the site of me thrusting into you as her head bobs between your legs is almost more than you can stand. Begging for another orgasm, you tighten your hold on my cock as you grind your clit into her mouth. I thrust one final time deep into your ass as she pushes her hand inside as far as you can take it. Your body trembles again as your orgasm takes ahold of you, you let out another loud moan as you motion for me to move back toward you.

As I withdraw my cock from your ass, she can't help but give it a little lick so she can taste your ass again. Moving back into position above your face, you grab my cock again and thrust it into her one more time. I instantly begin to thrust myself deep into her stretched ass, again right before your eyes. Still licking her dripping pussy, you slide your hand over my ass and aid in my thrusting. It's obvious that you want me to slam into her harder, I gladly obey. While looking at only my cock entering her ass, your hand slowly glides down between my cheeks to my tender hole. Wasting no time and needing for me to release you push two fingers inside of me. Not moving your hand, you let the momentum of my thrusts into her force your fingers into me.

As we all three rock there together, for what seems like hours, my cock begins to twitch. Feeling my ass tighten on your fingers you sense I'm about to release. Not wanting to miss a drop, you quickly pull my cock from her ass and insert it into your mouth. Still rocking your fingers into me, you force me to thrust deeper into your mouth until I finally release my seed into your mouth. As you swallow my juices, your throat pulls the head of my cock deeper inside. Hearing you gag on my cock causes her to come all over your hand. As you pull my cock from your mouth, she turns toward you and pulls you in for a deep kiss. I take a step back and admire the view of the two of you passionately mixing all of our juices together inside of your mouths.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thinking (Idea for Story)

Sitting on the couch watching a little TV while you are in the back taking a shower. I imagine what your body looks like all covered in bubbles. How you gently rub the soap over your breasts. Do your nipples get hard when you do? Does your fingers dip into your silky pussy while you cleanse yourself? As I think of these things, my cock reacts and starts filling up. I think, "What the hell.", I move my hand into my pants and start stroking it until it's hard. I close my eyes and imagine my hand was your mouth, I grip a little tighter thinking about it. I stretch out a little to loosen my pants and continue to stroke while thoughts of you go though my head. I see you on your knees in front of me with my cock filling your wicked mouth. Now I see you sitting on my lap backwards with my cock buried inside your wet pussy as your ride me. I start stroking harder and harder, my breathing is getting faster now. I can taste your pussy on my tongue as I see you sitting on my face while I lick your clit. More images of you enter my mind, images of you licking another woman, images of you tied to our bed.

God, I'm stroking faster and faster now. All these images of you are about to send me over the edge. Suddenly I hear a soft moan and I open my eyes and lookup. You are standing in front of me looking down at me with my cock in my hand. You're biting your bottom lip and your eyes tell me that you like what you see. Sitting down on the couch next to me, you snuggle up close as you kiss my neck and run your fingers over my chest. You whisper into my ear, "Don't stop now, you should really finish that". Leaning into me and pressing your breasts into my side, I notice that your nipples are hard from the excitement. You start breathing heavily into my ear and quietly moaning "Oh, go on, continue..".

I place my hand back down and continue to stroke myself, as I do you begin to rub your body next to mine in time with my strokes. Your breathing picks up as my pace quickens, your hands are all over me as I try to bring myself to a climax. "Are you thinking of me?", those images are still playing through my mind as I moan, "Yes". You whisper back, "Good, I need to taste you". Faster and faster I stroke as your hands move over my body in all the right places. I thrust my hips forward as I strain against my urge to come. As my breathing get's faster and faster, you sense I'm about to release. As if this couldn't feel any better, my hand is replaced with yours and you quickly take my cock into your mouth in one fluid move.

Your tongue and mouth attack my cock like you haven't had one in your mouth in years. Your hand goes straight to my balls cupping them as your mouth rides me up and down. My balls instantly tighten from the pleasure, feeling this you slide your hand down and gently slide two fingers deep inside my ass. With this sudden erotic sensation, I can't hold it anymore and I release my hot seed down the back of your throat. Swallowing the entire load, you continue to ride my cock until it begins to go limp. Pulling my cock out of your mouth, you begin to slowly kiss up my stomach and chest until you reach my open mouth, thrusting your tongue deep into my mouth so I can taste the lingering traces of my juices.

Company's A Callin' (Idea for story)

Tonight started off like many other nights with Andrew. They were enjoying a quiet intimate dinner before settling in front of the fireplace with a bottle of wine from their collection. As Andrew was about to pour them each a second glass, the doorbell rang. They both looked at each puzzlingly. They weren't expecting company, and for damn sure, they weren't dressed for it either. Since Andrew only had on a pair of silk boxers, Kristy suggested it would be quicker if she got rid of the company. Pulling her in for a quick kiss, Andrew ordered her to "Hurry up and get your sexy ass back to me." Kristy gave him a mocking salute and a "Yes Sir!" which brought a smile to each of their faces. Still looking over her shoulder as she heard Andrew chuckle, Kristy answered the door and giggled out, "Hello." When Kristy didn't hear a response back, she cranked her head and started to say it again, but suddenly her throat had gone dry. Standing on the doorstep had to be only described as "sex on a stick". This sexual ball of fire wore a tight athletic shirt and matching shorts. Shorts that was too loose for my liking. It left way too much to the imagination. As her eyes traveled back up his well-toned body, Kristy noticed his eyes were fixated on her too. He seemed to be drinking in all her curves, storing the image away for later.

"Kristy, babe, who's at the door?"

Andrew's voice seemed to break Kristy out of a trance. "Baby, I'm not sure just quite yet." Andrew came up behind Kristy and placed his head on her shoulder. His very pronounced hard-on pressed hard against her backside, and Kristy had to bite her lip to stop herself from wiggling her ass against it. "I wasn't expecting you tonight."

Timothy’s attention never strayed away from Kristy. Her beauty enthralled him. "I couldn't wait until tomorrow night to see you. Have you spoken to her yet?"

Andrew gripped Kristy’s hip as he continued to speak. "No, not yet. I was just about to."

Kristy tilted her head up to look up at Andrew. "Wait! Talk to me about what?"

"How about you come inside and we can discuss it with her together?" As Andrew led the trio back into the living room, Kristy could feel her heart racing. Was there an issue at work? Was Andrew losing his job? Sinking down onto the couch, Andrew spread her legs and squatted down between them.

With each passing moment, Kristy was becoming more nervous. "Andrew, will you just tell me already."

Taking a deep breath, Andrew began speaking and Kristy could detect a slight tremor in his voice. "Kristy, you remember me telling you about my co-worker at work. The one who was helping me with a big presentation."

Kristy looked from Andrew to Timothy and noticed them giving side-ways glances as well. "Yes, I remember. You mentioned you two were becoming pretty good friends." At that comment, Kristy saw both of them smile at each, and Kristy could have sworn Timothy winked at Andrew.

"Well, Kristy, we have become quite close over these past long weeks. This is the reason why Tim is here tonight, even though, he DID come over earlier than we agreed upon."

As Kristy felt the couch cushion dip beside her, Tim asked to try and explain his sudden visit. "Kristy, on one of our late night pow wow sessions, me and Andrew got to talking, and we found out we had a lot of things in common. More than we thought actually."

As Timothy continued explaining, Andrew felt Kristy tremble as he took her hands in his own. He was watching her intently, trying to gauge what Kristy must be feeling.

Kristy was more confused than ever and demanded answers. "I still don't understand. What things?"

When Timothy attempted to speak again, Andrew cut him off. "Baby, like he said, we have some things in common. And one of those being, we both had dreams about being with a man. A dream that we would like to become reality."

With this declaration, all Kristy could think was Andrew was leaving her. With her mind going on overload, Kristy remained speechless waiting for the shoe to drop. "Kristy, I want Timothy to join us in our bedroom. I want to share this experience with you. If you can't handle this, don't want this to happen, or need time to think." His voice hitched in his throat and the rest of the thought died away.

Kristy looked deep into Andrew’s eyes, realizing it took a great deal of courage for him to come to her; to share this deep desire.

After a few silent and awkward moments, which seemed to drag on for eternity, Kristy finally found her own voice to speak. "Andrew, I don't need time to think it over. I love you and this doesn’t mean the end for us. Actually, I see it as the beginning to the next chapter in our lives.

"Kristy, if you don't want to do this, then I’ll fight the urge to walk down this path. I want us to do this together or not at all."

Kristy gave Andrew the briefest of kisses.

"Are you sure K?"

"More than sure. In fact, I have my own confession to make. I've dreamt a time or two about what it would be like to watch a man slide his cock into your ass while I sucked you dry."

In a swift motion, Andrew crushed his lips against hers. As he pulled away, he leaned his forehead on hers. "You really are the greatest, K."

Suddenly Timothy's hands were lifting up the hem of Kristy’s camisole, stroking the underside of her breasts as his thumb stroked a puckered nipple. "I couldn't agree more Andrew, and I don't want to wait another moment to be with you both."

Her heart started fluttering. Kristy can't believe this is really happening. Fantasizing is one thing, but actually being in the situation, was causing her stomach to flip flop. Questions of what to do next spring to mind and then poured out of her mouth.

As if Andrew was reading her mind, he each took the reins in the lovemaking. "Don't worry K, let's us show you want we want.”
Kristy felt her panties dampen with Andrew's words. He's right. Kristy have always loved to "man-handled" in the bedroom and took directions like a good little girl. Andrew began to slowly undress Kristy, leaving her bare. The heat radiating off the fireplace was keeping her body warm, but the heat paled in comparison to the warmth of her pussy. The throbbing in her womb is what gave her the courage to be bold in her next words. "Andrew, I want you to undress him."

Slipping his finger between her lips, Andrew brought them to his lips for a taste. "Who am I to deny a request like that, to deny you anything?"

Pushing off the cushion Andrew stood up in front of Kristy as Timothy joined him. Raising his arms up in the air, Timothy allowed Andrew to lift his shirt up over his broad chest. Tim’s nipples were just as hard as mine, and Kristy can't believe how turned on she was by seeing his reaction to her man.

Andrew kept his eyes trained on Kristy’s and before he proceeded, he needed reassurance once again this is truly what she wanted. "You want me to stop K?"

Kristy’s temperature raised another ten notches. She didn’t think she could get more turned on, but she was. "On the contrary baby, I want you to hurry up."

"Hell Andrew, you were right, she is a naughty one." Timothy winked at me, which Kristy ate up like candy.

Kristy couldn’t believe what she’s feeling right at this moment. She had this carnal urge to pull off both of their clothing with her teeth if they don't stop talking and get down to business.

Dropping to his knees, Andrew grabbed both the elastic on Tim’s shorts and boxers at the same time and pulled them down his powerful thighs, letting Tim’s impressive erection spring forth into Andrew's face. Andrew's warm breath wrapped around Timothy' cock causing a bead of pre-cum to drip from its tip which Andrew flicked his tongue against. Lapping up the drop while he stroked his own cock through the opening of his boxers.

As Kristy pinched her clit, her husky voiced practically begged Andrew to take Tim into his mouth. Her brazen order shocked both men, but excited them too. Andrew began taking Timothy' cock gradually into his mouth, never taking his eyes off her though. He wanted to watch her reaction as he swallowed Tim whole. When Kristy watched Andrew suck Tim’s cock deeper and stroked his own with power thrusts, she pressed her heels onto the couch; spreading her legs to the max and plunging her own fingers into her opening. She buried three fingers into her heat, feverishly thrusting them in and out as she watched Andrew’s forehead bang off Tim’s stomach.

Tim firmly grasped Andrew’s head as his hips buck against Andrew’s face. "Oh god baby, harder. Suck me harder."

Andrew was no longer staring heatedly in Kristy’s eyes. The man who wanted all her attention while he came was Timothy. Kristy knew Tim was close to shooting his seed down Andrew’s throat, so she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her lips for a taste.

Timothy watched Kristy’s mouth sample each of her cream-coated fingers. He fought hard not to explode right then. He wanted to come desperately, but Kristy’s earlier words kept him from unloading his juice in Andrew’s mouth. Tim didn’t want Kristy as an observer any longer because her pussy was too beautiful not to be enjoyed by them. "Fuck her, Andrew, while I fuck you."

Andrew ran his tongue once more across Tim’s slit and stood up. He pulled off his own boxers while Travis stepped away from his own. Andrew then turned to Kristy, picked her up and settled her on the arm of the couch, dipping his fingers in her sex and gather juices to spread all over Tim's engorged cock. "You ready, K.
Was she ready? Oh god she was so hot, she was shocked the cushion hadn’t caught fire. "Hell yes, baby. Give it to me. I want it hard."

Keeping an arm wrapped around Kristy’s waist to keep her from falling backwards, Andrew entered her pussy with one powerful jolt.

A loud, deep shout of simultaneous pleasures erupted in the room. Andrew’s war against losing his load was on. "Now you Tim, fuck my ass."

No hesitation in his step, Tim took his stance behind Andrew and spread his ass cheeks, taking his time entering Andrew because this was his first time, so he assumed Andrew would need time to adjust.

However, Andrew didn’t want time. Just like Kristy, he wanted it hard and fast. "Fuck man, don't be shy. Give it to me!"

With a powerful thrust, Tim rammed his cock into Andrew's asshole and a give and take rhythm of pounding bodies commenced.

Andrew knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. With his ass filled and his cock buried in Kristy, the battle to hold back was about lost. "Ah fuck Kristy, I'm not going to last very long this feels so damn good." Kristy knew just how Andrew felt. Her own orgasm was reaching it’s boiling point and at any moment, she’d be locking up and screaming his name to the rafters. “Tim, she's close. Fucking give it to me harder. Let's send her over the edge."

Travis took this command and ran with it. His fingers dug into Andrew's hips and bucked forcefully against Andrew. Between the heavy breathing and deep, heady moans, the room was filled with sounds of balls slapping hard against asses. "Ah fuck Andrew, fuck Kristy, I'm going to come." And with three more demanding thrusts, Tim shots his seed into Andrew's ass.

The feeling of having a man orgasm inside him broke the restraint Andrew was trying to hold onto. He emptied his load inside Kristy’s pussy and held onto her until all her legs ceased quivering.

Kristy was coming down from one of the most powerful orgasms of her life and she was already thinking about doing it all over again. "Fuck, you two, that was hotter than what I imagined. Who's up for round two?"

Andrew and Tim burst out in joyous laughter. This night couldn’t have gone any better and the best part was round two was definitely going to happen.

With Tim stilled buried between his cheeks, Andrew smiled and kissed his sexy woman all over her face. "How about we go get cleaned up and replenish our bodies, so we all have energy for another go?"

“I agree with Andrew. A man does need time to recharge his cock if we want him to preform well.” With another round of chuckles, Tim slowly eased out Andrew's hole and picked up his shorts using them to wipe himself clean. "How about I go order a pizza, and while we wait for it to arrive, we can discuss any and all fantasies we would like to explore tonight?"

As Travis went to make that call, Andrew pulled me all the way into his arms. "You sure you're ok."

"Baby, I've never been better." Andrew and Kristy’s lips met again for a long, slower kiss before he left to grab a washcloth. While alone, Kristy started to mentally draw a list of all the fantasies she wanted to explore with these two men. Her two men!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking Turns (Idea for Story)

Sitting on the bed nervous about the arrival of our new partner. Imagining all the things that we will be doing together. I look over and watch you sip on your beer, wondering what you are thinking about. You have already stripped down to a sexy red nighty that looks amazing as it hugs your tone body. I nervously rustle through our "goody bag" to make sure that we remembered everything. I feel you walk up behind me and wrap your arms around my waste as you slowly kiss my back. My heart flutters from the touch as I turn toward you and give you a light kiss. Looking deep into my eyes you ask, "Are you ok, baby? You look a little nervous.". I take in a deep breath and whisper, "A little. It has been a long time since I have done this.". With a smile, you reply, "Don't worry baby, I'm sure you will do fine.".

As I lean in to give you another kiss, there is a sudden knock on the hotel room door. I take another deep breath, kiss you on the nose and head for the door. As I open the door, I can't help but look our visitor up and down. Taking in every inch of him before stepping to the side and asking him to come in. As he passes me, I get the scent of his cologne and the feeling sinks in that I am very excited for what is about to happen. Walking across the room, he takes a moment to look you over as he licks his lips, it's apparent that he wants to taste you too.

He steps over to the counter, drops his coat and grabs a beer. As he takes it to his mouth, you pop up from the bed and walk over to him. As he lifts the bottle to his mouth, you lean into him and run you fingers down his chest. "Since he hasn't done this in a while, I don't want you to speak unless I tell you to. Is that clear?". Taking another drink, he willingly nods his head in agreement. "Good! Now, I think both of you are wearing way too much clothing". Saying that, you turn and crawl up on the bed to enjoy the view. Both of us watch you get into position as we begin to remove our clothes. I look over and my mouth begins to water as I see his semi-hard shaft emerge from his boxers. As I look up, I see the lust in both of your eyes as you react to the expression on my face. As if instinct had kicked in, I walk over to him, drop to my knees and give the head of his cock a light lick. I can tell this is exciting you as your hand dips deep into your panties.

Needing to taste him fully, I wrap my hand around the base of his shaft and sink it deep into my mouth. As I run my tongue around the head, I feel his cock begin to grow harder with every stroke of my mouth. Slowly I take his massive balls into my other hand and begin to massage them as I get used to the size of his growing manhood inside my willing mouth. As his shaft continues to grow inside me, I begin to slowly slide it in and out of my mouth. As my head begins to bob up and down on him, I hear moans of pleasure coming from the bed. Glancing over I can see your panties off and all four of your fingers sunk deep inside of you. Your eyes locked on me with his cock thrusting in and out of my mouth. I look up and see his eyes are also focused on you, licking his lips in between his deep breaths, I can tell he is dying to taste your soaked pussy.

I pull his cock from my mouth and sit on the floor at the foot of the bed. I reach up and pull his cock back to my mouth, I place both hands on his ass and thrust his cock back into my mouth. Moving my hands over his back, I push him down over my head so his face is directly in front of your wet pussy. Seeing where I am going with this, you instantly slide down and shove your pussy in his face. As I continue to rapidly suck his cock, he begins to lick and suck your clit as he slides a couple of fingers inside you. As you pinch and pull on your rock hard nipples, you look down and see my head still feverishly working his cock. This sight instantly sends you into a wild orgasm, your pussy floods his mouth with your juices. Hearing you moan from your orgasm causes him to release his salty seed deep down my throat. He slowly begins to stand as I finish cleaning his cock, taking a final lick I stand and look him in the eyes. Wanting to taste her on his tongue, I lean in and thrust my tongue into his mouth. He wraps his arms around my waste and teases my tongue with his. Sucking his tongue into my mouth I can taste your pussy and kiss him a little harder.

Breaking our kiss, I look over to the bed and see you are now laying naked. You smile up at me and motion me to join you. As I crawl onto the bed you grab me and thrust your tongue deep into my mouth, tasting your pussy and his cock on my breath makes you instantly wet again. Placing a hand on my shoulder, you toss me on my back and quickly mount my rock hard cock. Waisting no time, you sink onto me, completely filling your awaiting pussy. As you begin to work your hips over my cock, you motion for him to crawl up beside us. Looking down at his now spent cock you joke,"This won't do, I need you hard again." Knowing what you want, he raises his cock to your mouth and slides it inside. Watching your expert tongue bring his cock back to life while riding me sends shivers of pleasure down my spine. It only takes a few well executed licks to get him aroused again, as you pull his cock out of your mouth you continue to stroke it a couple more times. "I need you to lube up, I want you in my ass". Not sparing a moment, he walks over to the counter and comes back with  tube of lube.

Looking over your shoulder, I can see him slide up behind you. Your eyes are closed and your body is relaxed, waiting for him to enter you. He slowly slides the head of his cock into your awaiting ass, as he does this you let out a load moan and your juices begin to flow around my cock. As he slowly working his huge cock deeper into your ass, I can feel the pressure from it on my own cock. As both of our cocks fill you completely, we both begin to thrust our hips in opposite time. The feeling of his cock rubbing against mine through the thin walls of your body makes me bite down on my lip. "Faster!", you shout. We comply as we pick up our pace and thrust both our cocks into you. Your eyes shut, your mouth wide open as the two of us rock our cocks into you. Your throw your head back and shout "Harder!", with that both of us begin to thrust in rhythm filling both of your holes at the same time. "Oh God, yes, just like that", you moan as we continue to pound into you harder and harder with each thrust. "God, D, I'm , ....", you can't even finish your thought as your next orgasm reaches it's climax.

Leaning over, you give me a passionate kiss, sucking my tongue deep into your mouth. "Baby, now it's your turn.", you pull his cock out of your ass and throw your weight to the side, getting me to roll over on top of you. As you reach behind me, you grab my ass cheeks and pull me into you as far as I can go, exposing my hole directly to him. Sensing what you want him to do, he spreads a little lube on my hole and slides a couple of fingers inside, stretching me for his massive cock. A moan escapes my mouth as his fingers explore my insides. He removes his fingers and I feel the bed shift, knowing that he is about to enter me, I look down at you and you are smiling. You lean up to my ear and whisper, "Let him fuck you until you come inside me, baby. I want to watch this."

Pulling my cheeks farther apart for him, you watch over my shoulder as he slides the head of his cock inside my throbbing hole. The sensation of his cock sliding into me makes me arch my back and let out a breathless moan. As he slowly inches himself deeper into my stretching core, you lean up and bite my nipple before sucking it into your mouth. This sensation sends another shockwave of pleasure throughout my body. Finally sinking his cock into me as far as he can, he begins to slowly pump in and out of my exposed ass. His momentum has me thrusting into you and grinding your pussy against me. The feeling of him controlling my thrusts into you makes you call out, "Fuck yeah, give it to him harder. Make him come inside me!" Obeying your every word, his thrusts begin to come harder and faster into my stretching ass. I throw my head back and moan, "Yes, god damn, yes. I love that." Hearing my words, excites you more than you possibly imagined. Your pussy is dripping with come as he thrusts my cock into you. Your clit being smashed between us by his powerful thrusts starts your next orgasm. Feeling you clinch your pussy walls around me, I know that you are about to come. Adding the force of this cock sliding in and out of my ass with the pleasure of your pussy on my cock teases my orgasm. Breathlessly I moan, "Right there, keep doing that, I'm going to come", with just a few more expert thrusts, my ass clamps down on his shaft as I release my seed into you. Feeling my ass contract around his cock, he finally releases his load deep inside.

As the two of us collapse onto the bed together, we smile at one another before pulling closer for a final kiss. Still breathing heavy and walking like he has had one too many to drink, he walks over and dresses himself. Grabbing another beer, he pops the top, takes a long drink and turns to walk away. As he gets to the door, he looks over his shoulder at us and smiles as he finally speaks, "Thanks" is all he manages, before heading out the door into the night air.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Spielberg (Idea for Story)

The night started off quiet enough. Andrew, Abby and I were sitting side by side on the couch while watching Cinemax After Dark. As the couple on the screen acted out a love scene, we three joked how fake their expressions look, but deep inside, all three of us were feeling the effects of watching two people have sex. I can feel Abby squirm behind me as my hand inches up Andrew's thigh. And the closer I get to his dick, I can feel his hips starts to move, seeking some sort of relief.

I whisper to Andrew first, "Hold that thought. I'll be right back baby." Then, I lean over to Abby and whisper in her ear. Andrew has no idea what I said. All he knows is Abby must've liked it cause she pinched her nipple and looked over at him and winked.

As Abby steps out of the room to carry out my orders, I turn all my attention back to you. "Andrew I want to try something different tonight." I can feel your heart beating hard against my breasts. Your mind must be running naughty scenarios in your head, trying to figure which one was about to come true.

I continue to speak as my hand slowly rubs against the seam of your pants. "Tonight, Abby and I want you to be our director. You can videotape the whole experience. Whatever you command, we shall obey." By the hardness I am feeling pressed against my hand, it is pretty damn obvious one or both of these ideas have you completely turned on. Just when I was about to ask you if you like this idea, Abby came back into the room wearing only a sexy see-through babydoll tee. Both Andrew and I had lust in our eyes as we stared at your peaks poking through the barely there material. I know he is thinking what I'm thinking... I want to lick, bite, and suck on those nipples while Abby whimpers for more.

"You ready, baby?" Neither Andrew nor Abby know who I was speaking to, so you both answered yes. I can't help but smile at the huskiness of each of your voices. You were both unbelievably turned on right now, just like me.

"Abby, give the camera to Andrew" As Abby again obeys me without question, I can smell her arousal when she hands the camera to you. My mouth waters to have a taste of her. "Andrew, what would you like us to do first?" "Would you like to watch her undress me?" The moan that escapes you mouth is all the confirmation I need. I give you a long, deep kiss and then stand up next to Abby. Our tongues delve into each other's mouth. Her hands reach inside my panties teasing my clit before she turns me around facing you. You, Andrew, have the camera turned on capturing every single moment. When Abby grips my panties and slides them down my legs, I see the camera wobble. Then, she stands up and removes each of our shirts. We fondle each other's nipples as we watch Andrew strain to hold the camera up.

Andrew begins to issue his first orders. "Abby, spread her ass cheeks. I want you to prep her ass for me." I can feel my pussy coating the inside of my thighs as Abby uses my pussy juices to lube up my asshole. She alternates between licking and teasing my hole to sticking one and then two fingers inside, twisting them back and forth...making sure my ass is primed for when his dick pounds into me hard and fast. Just the way I like it.

"You like what you are seeing Andrew? Do you want me to taste her too?" Andrew in a hoarse lust filled voice answers, "Yes baby, I want to watch you eat her, devour her."

I can hear and feel Abby moan against my ass. She wants that too.

You order her to lay down on the floor and spread her legs wide, which she eagerly obeys. Dropping to my knees, I run my tongue along her slit as I finger my pussy and then hers. With each swipe of my tongue, she raises her hips a little further off the floor, forcing my tongue deeper inside her.

You issue another command, "Lick her ass, Kameron" Abby begs me to do the same. Taking my fingers from my pussy, I place them under her, holding her off the floor while my mouth feasts on her asshole and back onto her pussy juices.

The deeper I probe, the more excited we all become. I can hear Abby panting, demanding for release. This time it is her who gives an order. She wants Andrew to join us. She asks him to lay down the camera where it faces us all. She wants him to fill my ass while I bring her to climax.

Behind me, I can hear his zipper slide down. My ass clenches, so turned on knowing that at any moment he will be thrusting and rocking against me. And when he does stretch me further than I thought possible, my hold on Abby tightens. My tongue delves even deeper inside. She pleads for him to give it to us harder, and he only replies back, "Yes!"

Harder and harder Andrew pounds into my hole, making my mouth hum and squeal against your pussy. The vibrations cause your orgasm to build and build fast.

I know Andrew is getting close to coming himself. His hold on me is tightening. His rocking is becoming more demanding. He shouts out, "Fuck Kameron, fuck Abby, I'm going to come."

Abby shouts out, "Yes, come inside her. Do it baby!"

This command has Andrew shooting his hot seed deep inside me.

When Abby hears him roar with release, her own release soon follows...flooding my mouth with sweet nectar which I drink all up.

Andrew pulls out of me slowly as I lower Abby's hips to the floor.

Walking back over to the couch, Andrew presses stop on the camera and helps us both up off the floor where we engage in a spine-tingling three way kiss before heading to the shower to "wash up".

Something Different

I wake up from the most vivid dream, my cock was hard as a rock and my fingers were already wrapped around it. My breathing was heavy and I was sweating. The dream was so real, I swear I could smell the scent of your pussy still in the air. I try hard to think back, to remember all of it as I slowly stroke my cock. Deciding that I want this to last, I switch to my left hand and use my right to pinch my hard nipples.

In my dream, I was laying in bed naked, alone and stroking myself slowly. My legs are spread wide open as I moved my hips in time with my strokes. The heat of my hand rubbing myself reminded me of your mouth on me. Images of your head bobbing between my legs suddenly flash before my eyes. I feel your hands all over me, rubbing my legs, the inside of my thighs, my stomach. Your hands are all over me, the thought of this makes me stroke a little harder. God, I think I can smell your wet pussy, it's like you are in the room with me. Just then, I feel a wet finger cross my lips, without opening my eyes, I know you are there and you are excited about what you see. I open my lips and press my tongue through so I can taste your juices on your fingers. You lower your head to my ear and tell me, "Keep your eyes closed. If you open your eyes, I will leave".

I close my eyes as tight as I can, pictures run through my head as I wonder what you plan to do to me. "Stroke" you command, I obey as I continue to please myself. Your fingers trace down my arm and over my leg, I know you are moving down between my legs, this thought makes my hips squirm in anticipation. I feel the bed move under me, you are joining me, my excitement rises as I know watching me please myself is a total turn-on for you. As I continue to stroke my cock, I feel you run your fingers up my chest, across my nipple and up to my neck. Your tongue suddenly engulfs my ear as you whisper, "Are you excited, baby?" Out of breath, I moan out "Yes". "Good", you reply sucking my earlobe into your mouth and lightly biting it, "I want to try something with you, are you ready?" You thrust your tongue deeper into my ear, I inhale quickly as I moan again, "Yes, baby, anything for you." Sucking my ear again, "Good, I've always wanted to try this with you. I hope you enjoy it." I smile while my eyes are still closed. "With you baby, I will always enjoy it." You slowly lower yourself down my body, kissing, licking and biting me all the way down.

As you arrive at my cock, I expect a mouth to replace my hand, but it doesn't. I continue to stroke as instructed, waiting for this "surprise". Suddenly I feel your leg slide under one of mine while the other slides over. I feel your pussy brush against my balls and I can picture you laying opposite of me, your legs spread wide. I feel the back of your hand rub by balls as you begin to tease your pussy, your hand brushes against me as my hips move in time with my hand. I can hear the juices of your excited pussy as your fingers slide in and out of you. Your breathing is getting heavier, I can hear you moan from the pleasure you are giving yourself and it excites me even more. Suddenly I feel you remove your hand and start to massage my swollen balls with your pussy soaked fingers. The feeling of your juices dripping off my sack makes me let out a moan of pure pleasure. As your fingers tease my cock, I feel your leg work its way up my chest as you place your toes at my lips. Knowing that you want me to tease them with my tongue, I immediately begin to suck them into my mouth and roll my tongue around them one by one. As you moan from the sensation, I feel something completely new to me. I feel a slight pressure being applied to my ass. At first, I thought it was your wet fingers pressing against me, but then I realize it was something else. It felt harder and wider than that. It was cool, wet and rubbery. It felt like you grabbed a toy from the nightstand and was teasing my ass with it. Yes, that's what it was, it had to be wet from being inside of you, which excited me even more. You were not teasing your pussy with your fingers, you were teasing it with one of your toys.

At first, I didn't know what to think about it, until your hand grabbed my hips and pushed it into me. I let out a deep moan as you sink your toy partially into my ass. As I moan, I feel you shift your position and suddenly your pussy lips are rubbing my balls again. Images race through my head as you begin to move your hips opposite of mine. I can not believe the sensation that I am having, but it feels as if your toy is inside of us both as you work your hips against mine. Your asses are touching, your pussy is rubbing my balls, our legs are tangled around one another. This feeling was so surreal that I thought I may be dreaming again.

As you move your hips and begin thrusting against me, I can feel the toy sliding between us. Deeper into each of us as we pull our bodies closer. Your hand reaches up and pulls my hand from me, guiding it to your wet pussy. You place my hand on your clit and force my fingers to tease you. I get the hint as I use my thumb to rub it in circles, exactly as you like it. As I play with you, your hand moves to my cock. You begin to stroke it as we rub our asses together with your toy pleasing us both at the same time. As you begin to thrust our asses together faster and faster, I can feel it sliding deeper inside of me with each movement. I never expected it to feel so good, but it did. As your pussy gets wetter and wetter, your juices begin to coat my balls more and more. The sound of our bodies slapping together brings you close to orgasm, as you moan from the pleasure I feel your other hand slide between us and fill your pussy fully, you are so wet that all four fingers slide in with no resistance at all.

As we bounce off of each other rapidly, you begin to moan. "God, D, I want you to come for me. Oh, oh I want it now!" The sound of your voice giving me these orders send me over the edge. My ass tightens around the toy as my balls clinch together and I unleash my load all over my own stomach. As my juice pours over your hand you continue to stroke me with my own come. After a few more strokes, your orgasm begins. As you moan out my name, you bring both of your hands to your mouth licking and sucking both of our juices off your soaked fingers. As the waves of your orgasm come to an end, you slowly pull the toy out of us, roll onto me and lick my come from my stomach as you work your way up to my mouth. Thrusting your come and pussy soaked tongue into my mouth, you give me a passionate kiss. As you break the kiss, sucking my tongue as you lay beside me. "Baby, did you enjoy that little treat?", as I hold you closer to me I whisper, "I never thought I would say this, but yes, I enjoyed it very much." Kissing my ear, you whisper back. "Good, I'm glad".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hot Tub

The three of us are sitting in the hot tub, steam rising all around. The two of you sit opposite of me, playfully kissing one another. Watching your tongues dance and dart in and out of your mouths, occasionally sucking on a lip, makes my heart race. Your hands run over each other, often dipping below the surface of the bubbling water. I can only imagine what they are doing under there, my gaze gets lost in your reflections on the water. As a moan slips out of your mouth, hers breaks a slight smile. You can see the pleasure in her eyes build as your body quakes beneath the water. Both of your rock hard nipples are rubbing together as you two rock in time with the motion of the water. Seeing this, I hit the second pump switch, causing the waters to swirl faster around us. Your hand sinks below, where I can only imagine you find your way to her wet inviting pussy. As I imagine your fingers caressing her moist lips in time with hers, I lower my hand and begin to stroke my rock hard cock. I stroke my cock very gently, not wanting to get too excited and miss out on the show happening before my eyes.

As if you knew I started playing with my cock, you stop kissing her and lean in to whisper into her ear. She giggles as she kisses you deeply once again, I watch as she thrusts her tongue deep into your awaiting mouth. I tighten my grip on my shaft as I watch you suck her tongue the way your normally do mine. You turn away from her and move toward my side of the tub, straddling my left thigh, your perfect tits poised directly in my face. Teasing me, you wiggle and press one nipple into my mouth, as I run my teeth over it you let out a moan and begin to rub your wet lips against my leg. Your hand clinches the head of my shaft as you begin to ride my leg. As if this couldn’t get any better, suddenly there was another wet pussy on my right leg. As you see her join us, you pull my head back and feed me one of her ample nipples. As my mouth approaches her nipple, your hand presses me harder into her breast. I can see the look of excitement on your face as you watch me lick and suck them. In the excitement, you lick your lips a little, before grabbing her and forcing your tongue into her mouth.  I can feel the wetness building on both legs as my cock stands rock hard and aching for both of you.

As you two break your kiss, she steps back as you sit in front of me. With one swift move, you drop onto my lap and tease my cock with your tight ass. I can tell you are excited as you lower yourself onto me and take me all in at once. We let out a moan of pleasure at exactly the same time. As your ass adjusts to having me fully inside you, she moves closer toward you. She lightly kisses your lips, your neck and down to your nipples. As her mouth pulls your nipple in, your hips begin to rock on my cock. She kneels before you, looking deep into your eyes, she smiles and drops both hands below the water. One hand goes for your pussy and the other for hers. As she slides several fingers into your pussy, she slides some into hers. She holds her hand still and lets you control the pace. She’s begging you ride us both, dying to feel you riding her hand and my cock at the same time. As you bounce on both of us, she leans forward so your nipples can brush against one another. The sensation of the cold night air and your rock hard nipples slapping against each other makes you clamp down around us both. I can feel her fingers rubbing my cock through the thin wall of your body, this sensation causes my cock to twitch inside of your tight ass.

Knowing that my climax is near, you bite down on her lip as she inserts yet another finger inside of you. The feeling of being completely filled comes to you as she forces her tongue down your throat. Your orgasm erupts at the exact moment my cock explodes inside of you, you try to let out a moan, but her mouth quickly covers yours again. You grab her hair and kiss her passionately as the waves of pleasure pour over your body. As we all 3 collapse against the side of the tub together, we let out a deep breath and stare into the dark sky above.

The Love Tunnel

We are standing in line for "The Love Tunnel" at a local carnival late on a Saturday night. You look so sexy standing there in your tight low-cut cutoffs and that little halter top. Your breasts look so amazing as they peak out from behind the fabric. You can see the thin string of your black panties sticking out from top, that sight always drives me wild. As we are slowly moving through the line, you wrap your arms around me and give me a gentle kiss on the lips. You giggle a little and I see that devilish spark in your eye. You have something naughty on your mind and you know that I know it. You  pull me closer and place your head on my chest, listening to my quickening heartbeat. Between us you slide a hand down and gently grab my cock through my jeans and give it a little stroke. I know this means we will be having some extra fun on this ride.

As we come up to the end of the line, they open the cart for us to enter. You slide in as I slide next to you, suddenly another woman is ushered into the cart with us. As you look over at her you start to feel a little heat building up in your shorts. You realize that looking at her in her little mini skirt and tight white tank, you are really getting turned on. You are actually getting wet just looking her. As your eyes wander up her sexy body, you reach her face and realize that she has been looking at you the whole time. The thought of this get's you even more wet, your panties are now soaked. You can't believe how turned on you are now, then a wicked thought runs through your head. You begin to grin and lick your lips as the ride starts to take off. I'm looking at you, then back at her, I think I see what's going on here and I like it. My cock is getting harder just watching you two flirt on each side of me. As we enter the tunnel, I place my arms across the back of the cart behind both of you. Once it get's dark you instantly lean over to me and start kissing my neck and unbuttoning my pants. As you reach your hand inside you realize that I am going commando, as you wrap your fingers around my cock you lean into my ear and say, "Do you like this?" I moan "Hell yes", then you ask, "Do you like her?", before I can respond, you add with a wicked grin "Because I do". I turn to look at her and she has moved her hand under her skirt while she watches you play with me.

As you start to move down my chest, you glance up at her and wink. She pulls her hand out of her skirt, licks it clean and leans over and starts licking my chest heading toward you. As you meet in the middle, you slowly open your mouth, wanting her to lean in, needing her to. She sees the sign and moves forward with an open mouth. As your lips touch, you tense up and thrust your tongue into her mouth, as yours and hers touch you cum instantly, sending a shiver down your spine. I look down at this scene and my cock becomes rock hard. I arch my back, so my hips are thrust forward a little to signal you both that I want this to continue with me.

She takes one side of my jeans while you take the other and drop them to my ankles exposing my rock hard cock. She begins by reaching down and licking the head, as you see this you look up and see the look of lust on my face. You bite your lip as you smile a little, then lower your head down to my balls and take one into your mouth. Now I have your mouth on my balls and hers starting to ride me up and down. The pleasure of both of your mouths on me is almost too much to control. She reaches over me and drops a hand into the front of your shorts, you don't stop her because you want her to touch you. Her hand slides under your panties and goes straight for your moist pussy. You suck a little harder on my balls as she places a couple of fingers into you. This sensation makes me let out another moan of pure pleasure. You release my ball and slowly start licking up my cock to meet her mouth at the top. You begin to kiss her with the head of my cock between your mouths. Occasionally you each take turns deep throating me before going back to kissing each other.

My cock starts to twitch and you both know that means I am about to explode, so you stop teasing me and raise back up in the seat. You grab my neck and pull me in for a deep kiss, your breathing is getting heavier. She sees that and leans in to kiss me as well. As she pulls away, you lean in because you have to kiss her again. Suddenly, you hop up and straddle me backwards. You throw your head back and you slide your wet pussy over me, sinking all the way down. You let out a moan as I fill you completely. You start moving your hips around in circles so my cock rubs all of your insides. As you are moving your hips, she slowly moves to her knees between us and starts to lick your clit. This sends a shockwave of pleasure through your body, you have never had your clit licked while stuffed with a cock, you can't believe the sensations you are feeling, you may cum again right now. As you move your hips faster and faster she licks you harder and harder, both of you in perfect time. Finally you cum, letting her lick your juices that are now dripping from your pussy. As you pull yourself off of me you kiss her again so you can taste yourself on her breath. She smiles and says, "My turn" as she leans down and takes my cock completely into her mouth, she wraps her fingers around my shaft and slowly starts pumping up and down with both. She raises up so you have a full view of her wet, clean shaven pussy. You can't resist, you need to taste her. You lower your head and slowly start running your tongue over her lips pausing at the top to flick her clit. She pulls my cock out of her mouth to moan, but doesn't stop the motion with her hand. She dives back down to finish her work on me while you start sliding fingers inside of her as you continue to lick. Her pace quickens from your touches, so you match her thrust for thrust. As she sinks on me, you bury your fingers into her farther and farther. Your tongue is going wild on her clit, her juices running down your chin. You take your second hand and start fingering your own clit. You want us all to cum together, we want the same thing. My balls start to tighten from her constant motion, your about to explode from her taste and your fingers, she is about to release from your wicked tongue. She's sucking harder and harder, I am about to cum, as my cock tenses up I begin to release into her mouth. She takes it all in like she needs it to survive. You lightly bite her clit at that moment, she shakes and comes in your mouth. Feeling this, your legs start shaking from the pleasure as you cum with us.

She licks up the last drop of my load from the head of my cock and sits back in her seat, you take back your seat as I reach down and pull up my pants. You both lean into me and we all share a sexy, passionate kiss mixing all of our tongues and juices together, just as we see light ahead. We lean back into our seat as the ride comes to an end. We get out of the cart and start to walk away from the ride. As we get to the exit, we turn to look at her. She smiles, blows us a kiss and walks away. You turn to me, look me in the eyes and give me a very passionate kiss. We turn and walk away, all of us with smiles on our faces.