Friday, January 7, 2011

Lunch Break (Idea for Story)

This short story has been reworked and included in our release called New Beginnings

Walking into the dining room, I notice Dirk sitting on a kitchen chair working hard on his laptop. His fingers are flying over the keyboard. Those same fingers who teased, touched, and yes tickled every inch of my body just a few hours ago. Without saying a word, I reach around him and close the lid, pushing it across the table.

Annoyed at first, he briskly turns in his seat to obviously ask "What the hell was I thinking?", only to discover I'm not wearing anything but a pair red stiletto high heels. The same pair that dug into his back last night. His eyes instantly turn to lust. By the heated look of desire on his face, I know what's crossing his mind. All he wants at that very moment is to touch my skin. As his hand reaches out to feel me, I grab his hand and push it away.

"If you want this to continue, you can't touch me until I say so." He groans and attempts to touch the soft curve of my hip, but again I push his hand away.

"No touching. Do you want me to leave?" As he growls with frustration, I reach down and place his hands on the arms of the chair. "Remember, every time you try to touch me without permission, I stop what I am doing. Understand?" He grips the arms of the chair so hard that his knuckles turn white. All he can do is nod in submission. With a satisfactory smile on my face, I push myself onto the table in front of him and place a heel on each arm of the chair. With my last warning still echoing through his mind, I spread my legs far apart exposing my creamy sex already wet with desire. As I hear his breath suddenly catch, I slowly lick my lips and lower my hand to my other, more delectable, lips.

One by one, I place my fingers in my pussy until I'm filled and stretched before him. Each time I move them in and out, I can hear his breathing getting deeper and deeper. This power I have over him only fuels my desire. As I feel my pussy getting wetter, I remove them and give each a little lick. Letting my tongue slide up one side, back over the top, and down the other.

"So delicious. So very, very sweet."

By the popping and cracking of the chair's wood, I know Dirk's restraint is wearing thin. The need, the want to taste me is taking its toll on him. With my hips and sex raised up off the table, poised inches from his face, Dirk leans forward just in time for me to remove my fingers from my mouth.

"You weren't about to touch me, were you? We can't have that, now can we. If we did, the fun would be over for the both of us."

He submits once again to my warning, collapsing against the backrest so hard the front chair legs come off the ground. "Don't worry baby, the wait is almost over." And on that promise, one corner of his mouth perks up. His tongue instinctually darts out, moistening his lips.

I give myself one last taste before I, once again, resume pleasuring myself. Over and over I move my fingers in and out of my warm center while letting my legs fall further open. Giving him full visual access on how soaked I am.

As I rest one hand behind me on the tabletop for support, I toss my head back and begin rubbing my clit. The moisture moving against it is driving me wild. As his nails begin scrapping into the wood on the chair, I move my fingers faster and faster. With one last stroke, I rise up and place my fingers in his mouth sending shivers down my back and his.

"I think you deserve to touch me now."

Without wasting another moment, Dirk drops to his knees and instantly shoves his tongue into my center. His hands move all over my body, one across my tight stomach and one under my little ass, holding me in place so he can feast on what he truly craves. His favorite afternoon snack. ME! His tongue swirls around inside me, then moves out to focus on my swollen nub. As he sucks my clit into his mouth, a moan escapes me. I know Dirk's cock must be pulsating against his jeans, the pain must be unbearable.

Leaning back with both hands on the table, I throw my legs over his shoulders to pull me closer into him. He tightly grabs my ass before sliding another hand underneath it. His thumb begins massaging my hole, pushing in a little more with each rub. I grab his head and let out a loud groan as the feeling of his tongue and thumb work together to please me. A tremble cascades down my slender form as I hear him slurp my nectar into his mouth. The raw heat emanating off him has me biting the inside of my cheek. Oh the pleasure I'm experiencing watching him at play. It always is and always will be a sure fire way to get my pussy gushing. And listening to the slurping noises as he sucks down every drop is instant sexual gratification too.

Dirk finally tears his skillful tongue away from my core. "My cock aches to be inside you."

Goosebumps break out all over my silky smooth skin. "Fuck me Dirk. Fuck me hard!"

Standing up, he leans over me and gives me a deep passionate kiss. The kind that makes my toes curl.

Reaching up, Dirk places a hand behind my neck, so he can pull me up from the table. As he stands up, he has that all too familiar twinkle in his eye. I love that look. It lets me know how much he's feeling what I'm feeling. A passion like we've never felt before with anyone else.

Looking deep into my eyes, he spins me around so my ass rubs against his now fully rock hard cock. I let out another throaty moan from the sensation of him being this close to me. Slowly, he teases me a little by rubbing his cock up and down my cheeks.

"I said fuck me hard, not slow and agonizing."

Wrapping his arms around me and pulling me back into the chair and onto his lap, he reaches a hand down and guides his rod into my drenched and dripping pussy.

My head falls against his shoulder. My hips begin grinding hard onto his pole while my fingers pinch and pull on my taut nipples. "More Dirk!" His hands glide over my hip and slides toward my sleek shaven center, massaging my clit.

"Hell yeah baby, ride my cock. Show me how hard you want it."

Throwing one arm over his head, I begin to move my hips around in circles, bouncing steadily and sending his cock deeper into me in different directions with each thrust of his body.

As Dirk starts pounding into me harder and faster, I pull my left breast up to my mouth to tease the nipple with my tongue. Dirk lets out a growl and pinches my clit when he notices the puckered tip between my teeth. He knows my infatuation with getting bit, and I know how he fantasizes about the sight he is beholding now.

With his rod beating against my inner walls, I clamp down hard onto him. Slowly releasing and applying more pressure. The feeling, in his own words, can only be described as "Someone massaging his cock." As if our minds, as well as our bodies have become one, he says what I'm thinking, "Oh hell baby, you feel so good. Too good! I won't be able to hold out much longer."

Running my velvety tongue around one nipple, then the other, nibbling on them between licks, Dirk lets out a growl so feral, my legs start to quiver. The sensations that we are experiencing are driving us closer to the edge. I can smell the heat permeating from my pussy. It's dripping down my inner thighs while his cock pounds in and out. It feels like at any moment I'm going to explode from all the excitement building. Each flick of his expert fingers causes another shake of my legs all the way down to my toes. Cranking my head slightly to the right, I feel his warm breath quickening on my shoulder as he looks over my body, seeing all the pleasure we are giving each other. Suddenly, the sensation of his shaft twitching within my body gives me the tell-tale sign, he is about to release his hot seed into my channel.

Even though I love ending our love-making session with his cock buried inside me. This afternoon, I want to indulge in my favorite meal. Pulling myself off of him, I look Dirk in the eye. My tongue glides across my parched lips. I'm so very thirsty, and the only thing that can quench my thirst is the evidence of his orgasm. Without a single word, I drop to my knees and take all of him deep into my mouth. Dirk throws his head back and fists my hair. Setting the pace he wants to be fucked. In a single movement, I take his thick, massive stick all the way to the back of my throat to the point I can feel my gag reflex kicking in. Hollowing out my cheeks and relaxing my throat, I suck him in a little further while one hand massages his balls and the other works my swollen nub.

Both of us are moaning from the pleasure we are receiving. I even let out a little squeal when I quicken the pace, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. Further than ever before. Faster and faster my head and hand moves in tandem until we both can't take it any longer, I must release! He must release!

Every muscle in Dirk's body tightens as he releases his load down my throat, which I swallow in one gulp, not wasting a single drop. So close to the edge myself, I frantically continue massaging my clit while I suck his now deflating shaft. My mouth doesn't want to release his cock until I make myself come. It only takes a few more hard swipes of my fingers to unleash the orgasm that was teetering on the surface. I continue to suck his shaft harder and harder until the last tremor subsides.

Guiding his limp cock from my mouth, I lower myself to his balls and take one of them into my mouth. The taste of me and him combined is indescribable. It's a sensation every woman should experience just once. After giving one long final lick up his shaft ending with a hard suck to the crown, I slowly crawl back up his chest, letting him sample our orgasms for himself.

Pulling back from the kiss, I whisper seductively into Dirk's ear, "I'll be back for dinner later", and steps around his chair.. heading for the bedroom. When I am about a hare's breath away from entering our love nest, I hear his feet smacking against the hardwood floor and his voice rings out, "It must be dinner time somewhere." I turn just in time to have him snake his arm around my waist, kicking the door closed with his heel, he tosses me on the bed for another afternoon delight.