Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Walk on the Beach (Idea for Story)

As her cell phone vibrates against the glass table, she casually slides her hand over it to take a subtle peek. Clearing her throat as she gives her date a displeased look, "Kameron, sugar, our friends on Facebook don't need to know about our date until its over." Giving Leigh a teasing smile, she replies "Fine, I'll put it in my bag for now," mumbling as she turns, "I just wanted to tell them how sexy you looked tonight anyway". Watching her flowing brown hair as she turns to stash away her phone she can't help but smile as she speaks "I know honey, but we are here now, so let's enjoy it. And thanks for saying I look sexy tonight, you look absolutely delicious." Leigh is trying desperately to not be so obvious as she stares at her date, casually looking her up and down soaking up every inch of her body. As Kameron turns back to her, Leigh quickly averts her eyes but it's too late, she's been caught staring. Kameron's face begins to turn a faded shade of red as she thinks about what her date is thinking will happen next.

Turning their gaze toward the pier off in the distance, Leigh stands and offers her date a hand. "I feel like a nice evening walk after this wonderful meal, shall we go?", Kameron takes her outstretched hand, lacing their fingers together as she stands. "That sounds like a great plan, baby, how about a trip to the beach. I love the beach at night." Leigh's heart almost skips a beat when her lovely date mentions the beach. Did she already tell her about it? Or does she love it as much as her? As they step out into the night air, the smell of the salty sea overtakes them both. The pause at the doorway for a moment to take in the fresh night air before they cross the street, still hand in hand, heading for the sandy beach.

They begin to chit chat about the movie they had watched earlier, about the dinner they just had and about anything they can think of to keep their minds off of the thing they wanted the most, "Each other". Finally reaching the edge of the beach, the pause for a moment to remove their shoes and step into the soft sand. Standing bare foot still holding each others hands, they gaze at the dark night sea for what seems like an eternity. Kameron drops her shoes and pulls her date toward her, sliding her hands around her waist she leans in and brings her moist red lips up to Leigh's. As their lips meet, they both take in a deep breath in anticipation of the kiss they are about to share. Feeling her date lean closer, Kameron thrusts her tongue into her lover's mouth as she tightens her grip around her body. Teasing each others tongues for a moment, Kameron remembers that they are still near the street and pulls back from the kiss. "I couldn't help myself, baby, I needed that." Looking a little dazed, Leigh replies with a smile, "Oh, trust me, I didn't mind it at all".

Taking each other's hands again, they begin to walk out onto the beach heading for the wet sand down by the shore. They leisurely walk along the beach, not speaking but relishing their alone time together. As their feet softly sink into the moist sand, the warm water rhythmically rushes over them like a heartbeat. After walking for a few moments, Kameron suddenly stops dead in her tracks as her breath hitches in excitement. "Leigh honey, do you see what I see?" pointing to a dark spot on the beach beside them. Looking over Leigh notices a beach blanket still laying in the sand, probably left over from someone's day at the beach. A smile crosses both of their faces as they reach the same decision as to what will happen next. Leigh looks back at her lover and says with a shy smile "You know, I'm kind of tired of walking. Would you like to rest for a little bit?" Knowing what she was offering Kameron replies with a bigger smile, "I would love to."

Dropping their shoes beside the blanket before lowering themselves onto their knees, Kameron intentionally sits facing her date instead of beside her. Not wanting to wait another minute longer, she runs her hand through Leigh's long hair before coming to a rest on her lower back. Pulling her date closer to her, they gently begin to kiss one another. Their lips softly massaging one another as their tongues dance in each others mouths. Each can feel their panties dampening from the sheer excitement of making out in public. The thought of being in public quickly leaves their minds as the images of making love to one another fuel their desires. The lust of the moment takes over as Leigh slides her hands down Kameron's side and up under her tank. The feeling of her lover's hands on her skin forces her to moan into Leigh's mouth. With one smooth motion, Leigh lifts the tank over Kameron's head and drops it onto the blanket behind her. The salty night air instantly forces her exposed peaks to plump up and harden. Seeing this, Leigh wastes no time in taking one into her mouth, gently sucking it taught before scraping it with her teeth as she lets it escape from her mouth. The wetness left behind sends shivers down Kameron's spine and sparks a fire inside her throbbing core.

Needing to taste her lover, now more than ever, Kameron quickly strips Leigh's shirt from her body and practically rips the fabric of her skirt pulling it away from her. Not wanting her to be the only one exposed, Kameron quickly discards her skirt and panties as fast as she can. Kneeling before her lover, Kameron gently pushes her back onto her hands giving her free access to Leigh's already dripping core. Darting her tongue around her already swollen clit, she sucks it into her mouth relishing the sweet taste of her nectar. Raising her exposed ass higher into the night air, Kameron moans into her dates lips as the night air rushes over her exposed heat. The thrill of being caught making love to Leigh in public instantly causes her fragrant juices to flow down her thighs. Throwing her head back from the sight of Kameron's shapely ass flexing in the night air, she let's out a throaty moan, "God, Kameron."

Hearing her lover call out her name in heat of the moment causes her to attack her swollen nub with even more passion than before. Needing her to climax from her touches, she slowly inserts two fingers into her warm hole while she teases her other hole with the tip of her thumb. The crashing of the waves behind her combined with the pure ecstasy that her lover's attention was bringing her closer to climax with every passing moment. Sensing her climax was near, Kameron gives her one final prompt by biting her throbbing kernel. This intense and sudden shock of pleasure forces a squeal from her mouth as she finally climaxes dripping her aromatic sex into her lover's mouth. As Kameron continues to drink her lover's prize, Leigh runs her hand down behind her neck and pulls her date up toward her. Smiling as she looks into her eyes, they come together for another kiss. Pushing her tongue and her lover's juices into her mouth, Kameron wraps her arms around her neck smashing their heaving breasts together. As their hardened nipples begin to brush against each other, Leigh begins to slide a leg underneath Kameron's dripping core. Sensing what was coming next, Kameron breaks the kiss allowing herself to fall back onto her hands.

Adjusting themselves, they line up their sexes and begin to knead their cores together. Their movements start off slow as they adjust their bodies getting them aligned perfectly. As the essence of their sex finally touches, a raspy whimper of bliss flows from both of them. The intense feeling of desire explodes throughout both of them as their hips begin to sway together sending shockwaves of pleasure rocketing to their cores. As they begin to gyrate faster and faster, they think their pleasure cannot soar any higher. Suddenly, as if it was a sign to not stop, a wave crashes the shore sending a spray of mist over their hot naked bodies. The warm water showering them increases their enjoyment more than they could have ever imagined. The crisp air drying their now moist bodies as they continue to make love to one another just adds to the excitement of the moment. In a breathless moan Kameron states, "Baby, one more wave like that and I'll come all over you." As if she expected it to happen, another wave crashes into them. This time it drenches them, fully covering their naked bodies with it's salty presence. The feeling of the water pouring over them sends spasms of ecstasy throughout their entire bodies, instantly setting off the most intense orgasms of their lives. As the water finally rushes away from them, they both collapse back onto the now soaked blanket to relish in the glow of that amazing experience.

Kameron rolls over onto her lover's chest to listen to her quickly beating heart as she slowly strokes her wet skin. Wanting to lay here with her forever, she lightly kisses the underside of Leigh's heaving breast. Thinking that it's time for another round of love-making, she slowly begins to crawl along her sexy body. As they are about to embrace in a sensual kiss another wave comes crashing down over them, harder and deeper than the last. "Oh Shit! Kameron, the tide is coming in! Grab our clothes". Scrambling for they're clothing, they toss in and out of the incoming waves as they try to make their way back to the shore. Emerging from the water, completely naked with their soaked clothing in hand. They look at each other and instantly burst out laughing. "Oh my God, Leigh! You so have to let me post about this on Facebook!"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Which Road to Take (Idea for Story)

Here I am driving down main street, the radio is blaring on some rock station, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around what just happened. One moment, Anna and I were sitting in her driveway laughing after a girl's night out, and the next moment, we're kissing. I'm still not sure how it happened. Did I initiate it? Did she? It all happened so fast. I still can't get the image out of mind of how ashamed she appeared when one of the most passionate kisses of my life ended. She seemed mortified to be kissing a woman, or was it because she was kissing me. Either way, she couldn't get out of the car fast enough. I sat there alone in the car and watched her practically run inside the house, never once looking back. When the front door slammed, it felt like someone ripped out a chunk of my heart.

"What have I done? I must've kissed her first. Why else would she react the way she did? Damn, I ruined everything. She's my best friend, and now, maybe nothing."

The flood gates open, and the tears I've been holding in rain down my face. As I come to an intersection and approach a red light, a war erupts between my brain and my heart. Should I continue to head home and wait for Anna to call me, or should I turn around and try to work things out? Beg her to forget about what happened tonight? Ask her to forgive me for my momentarily lapse in judgment?

The light turns green and yet, I still can't decide which path to choose. Stay or go? Cars start to honk behind me, and I have to make a decision quickly. A decision that might change my life forever. More cars honk, and I know, it's now or never. I must decide. Gripping the wheel tightly, I make a u-turn and race back to Anna's house before I lose my nerve. With each passing mile, my heart beats harder and harder, like a deafening bass drum inside my head.

I finally reach Anna's road, her driveway, and my stomach suddenly drops. I sit behind the wheel for a solid 10 minutes staring up at her bedroom light before I sum up the courage to get out of the car and ring the doorbell. At first, I don't think she's going to answer. As I'm about to turn around and step off the porch the porch light turns on behind me. As the door slowly creeps open I notice her head is hanging low, she's purposely avoiding eye contact.

Stammering she speaks, "Kam, you you came back?"

"Anna, I think we need to talk about what happened." As I speak the words, I have this feeling she's going to tell me to "go to hell" or "fuck off". Instead, she shocks me by holding the door open for me and motioning for me to come inside.

"Yes, yes we do Kam."

I hear the shakiness in her voice, but it's not until we are together under the foyer light that my suspicions were proven true. She finally finds the courage to look at me, and my heart crumbles in my chest. Her eyes are bloodshot and swollen. Dried streams of tear stains run down each powered cheeks.

"Anna, I'm..."

"No Kam, let me go first. I should've never kissed you. I don't know what came over me."

I couldn't be more shocked by how this conversation was turning out. Anna was apologizing to me. Why? I thought she didn't want the kiss. Now her eyes are glossing over with tears again, and I know she experiencing the pain I felt every since I left. The pain of thinking that “I” had ruined our friendship.

"Anna, I'm not sure how it happened. Who leaned in first, but I regret nothing. I came back here tonight to plead for your forgiveness. You pulled away and ran off so fast, my fear was you hated me for it."

Anna actually lets out a nervous giggle which breaks the tension in the room. I, in turn, follow suit and laugh right along with her. "Kam, since we both jumped to conclusions about each other's reaction, how about we start again. Tell each other what we want. I'll go first.”, after taking in a deep breath she blurts out, “Kam, I want you."

I take Anna's hand in mine, lacing our fingers together, and admit what's been on the tip of my tongue begging to be said. "And I want you."

I'm not sure if is was relief or enthusiasm overtaking Anna, but one minute she was an arm's length away from me, and the next minute, her arms are wrapped around my neck, her lips taking possession of mine. There was no shyness or awkwardness from either of us, we were acting like two lovers reuniting after months apart, almost animalistic. We claw at each other's clothing, literally ripping off shirts and bras. Skin on skin contact at last, the sensation of having her breasts pressed against mine has me scrambling to remove the rest of our clothing.

While our tongues battle over control of the kiss, I gradually guide Anna's back to the floor. As I hover above her, my fingers slide under her waistband and begin to seek out her heat. A soft curly patch covers the top of her mound, but her lips, those are bare. Her lips are already slick with the evidence of her arousal. Her sweet cream feels incredible on my fingers, I can only imagine how it would taste on my tongue. An image flashes through my mind of her spread eagle and begging for me to "Don't stop" has my own cream soaking my panties. Right now they feel so confining and I can’t wait to be free of them.

"Anna, honey, wait!

Her teeth graze across my puckered nipple, and she purrs out, "No more waiting." Lips, sweet lips, suckle my tit, forcing me to bite the inside of my cheek to hold in a scream. It’s as if her mouth was specially formed just for my pleasure.

Cupping the back of her head, I hold her against my breast while my fingers glide in and out of her haven. Gradually, I begin pumping them in and out, adding a fourth into her channel, stretching her wide. I can feel her muscles clamping down on me like her mouth is surrounding my nipple. Her body begins to quiver with mine in perfect rhythm. I can tell she is close to climaxing, but I don't want the first time to be on my hand. I need the taste of her orgasm on my tongue. Pulling my hand out her core, Anna lets out a whimper and clings to me, a look of totally confusion on her face.

"Don't worry honey. I'm not having second thoughts. I just need to taste you, I MUST taste you." Leaning down to press a single kiss to her mouth, I follow the path down her chin, between her voluptuous breasts, and circle her navel with my tongue. When I reach the treasure I seek, Anna lifts her hips and bites down on her lower lip. She palms her breasts as I slip the skimpy lace panties down her shapely thighs and toss them aside. At first, all I can do is stare down and watch her pinch and pull on her cherry buds. At that moment, no one has ever looked more beautiful in my eyes. I always considered her gorgeous, but now, she's breath-taking.

Running my tongue across my bottom lip, I ease Anna's legs apart and take what's mine. I lick, tease, and caress her engorged clit, taking it between my teeth for a painful, but pleasurable bite. I can feel one of Anna’s hands in my hair, setting the pace of how fast she wants me to sample her. Oh, she likes it fast. My tongue dances around her nub, and my fingers plunge back inside her hole. She rides both of them hard and fast bringing us both closer to the edge of completion.

"Kam, I want to taste you. Please."

Those simple 7 words had me clenching my walls. "Your wish is my command honey." I gave one last long, slow lick down her slit and sit up on my knees, working my plaid boy shorts down my well-toned thighs and after a little maneuvering, down my calves and onto the floor behind me.

Raising up on her haunches, Anna tangles her body with mine and lowers my back against the soft carpet, breaking the kiss so she can swing her leg across my abdomen. Her pussy is now poised directly over my face, her womb smells like heaven and it tastes just the same.

I can feel her cool breath against my mound, and then sparks fly. She strums my clit with her fingers, spreading my nectar from front to back but instead of entering my pussy, she slowly guides two fingers into my asshole. Thrusting them in hard then slowly pulling them out, the sensation is beyond words. I follow her example but I use my tongue to bring pleasure to her ass instead of my fingers. Tasting her salty hole against my tongue has my pleasure damn opening up. The sound of her feverishly lapping up my juices is too much for me to bear, causing me to let out a squeal of pleasure against her back hole. The vibration of my pleasure moan ricochets across her cheeks causing her to let out the loudest, deepest moan I've ever heard. Her own nectar begins to rain down my neck and chest.

The passion of the moment shooting through both of us sends us into a mutual mind-blowing orgasm. As our bodies finish writhing from the pleasure, Anna glides her body over mine, once again smashing our breasts together as we finish this experience with a deep kiss. Tasting each others juices on each others' tongues, I’m sure we were both thinking the same thing, “We are going to love our new found relationship”.