Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Beginnings

Here is a preview of the first chapter of our current work in progress called "New Beginnings", we hope you enjoy it:

          Mitch and Eileen had a typical marriage in regard to battling through their own ups and downs. Their marriage a few years back hit a rocky patch, the notorious seven year itch. The spice in and out of the bedroom was dwindling, painfully so. Once passionate lovers had become more like roommates. Instead of doing things together, they found themselves enjoying more times apart. Seven years ago, they finally had a sit down, emotional talk that was the turning point in the marriage. It was the hardest and most rewarding moment of their lives because it was then; they admitted neither was willing to give up. The love was still there and with it, a reason to fight to rekindle their spark. 
           Since then, they became like newlyweds again. Making sure each day, they expressed their love for one another with sexy notes, spicy outfits, and adding several risqué toys to their lovemaking. Those sexual encounters happened more frequently and were more passionate than stories written by many erotica writers. Yes, their marriage was saved but now, Eileen sought to broaden their horizons. Seven years later, they had another talk and this one centered around exploring the sexual fantasies involving bringing in a third or possible fourth partner into their private sanctum. 
            While they lay in bed together, Eileen snuggled on Mitch's chest after sating the hungry within, Eileen broached the subject. "Mitch, have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a threesome?" 
            "Are you asking with another woman or a man?” Mitch replied. 
            Eileen smiled against Mitch's chest, both at his question and at the hardened bud that had formed. "Either, actually." 
            "I've thought about it on more than one occasion. The thought of watching your mouth buried between the legs of a curvy brunette or redhead has given me several wet dreams. Hell babe, it's almost enough to get me hard right now." Mitch said with a devilish grin. 
            Eileen rose up the sheet that barely covered Mitch's cock and laughed. "Enough? Sweetie, your cock is almost at full mast, which I’ll happily take advantage of right now.” Slowly drawing her leg across Mitch's mid-section, she rubbed the crown of his dick against her clit, enticing her sex and preparing it to take his full bounty. "So what about adding another male into the mix? Have you dreamt of this type of ménage a trois?" 
            The teasing of Eileen's pussy against his dick was working the last bit of control his body was holding onto. If she massaged his cock any longer, he wouldn't last two minutes inside her warm pussy. "Eileen, stop teasing my cock and ride me, already. You're killing me here." 
            She ground her hips against his dick, lubricating it with the juices pouring out of her womb. "Will you answer me then?" she retorted with a smile. 
            Mitch's face strained to hold in the excitement from the feeling of her arousal moistening his dick. He tried to shift his thoughts to sports, movies, work, anything to help keep his load from spilling prematurely. He tightened his grip on her hips attempting to push them lower. "Yes, yes, fuck yes, anything to get that hot pussy on my cock." 
            Rising up, she teased his cock with the opening to her pussy then sunk down hard. She continued this torturous move to let Mitch know what he'd be missing if he reneged on his promise. 
            Eileen worked her hips in slow, tight circles. The motion was torturing her as much as him, but she wouldn't allow herself to increase the speed of her motions until he started talking. "You better start spilling or I'll be tempted to hop off and pleasure myself in front of you as punishment for welching on our deal." 
            Mitch placed a firm hand behind her neck and pulled her chest to his. Holding her there he began to whisper into her ear. His voice trembled as he began to disclose his oldest and most personal secret to his lover. With a gruff, whispered voice he began his story. 
            “Back when I was in the Army, one night Rob and I had just finished Guard Duty. It was 3 a.m. and everyone else in the barracks was asleep.” 
            Her breathing began to get heavier as he told his story; she slowly lowered herself onto his awaiting cock and began to work her hips in time with his words. 
            Mitch let out a slight moan from her actions, but he continued on. “We were too wired from duty, so we decided to hit the showers like we did everyday. Except this one was a little different.” Mitch drew in a deep breath as he thought about what to say next. Hoping deep inside that his love will not judge him for what he is about to confess. 
            “I stood there in the shower, naked and covered in soap, like I had hundreds of times before. But this time I found myself staring at Rob’s body under the water, so lean and toned. When he turned around to rinse out his hair, I quickly turned my head. I didn’t want him to see me staring at him.” 
            Eileen let out a moan into his ear as her juices started flowing down the inside if this thigh and her pace quickened. 
            He instantly knew she was enjoying his story; at that moment he decided to continue to tell her what had happened that night. “I looked down and noticed that I was hard as a rock. Totally embarrassed at getting an erection while in the shower, I turned to hide it from him as I cranked up the cold water.” 
           Mitch moaned as her warm pussy worked his stiff pole. He was having trouble concentrating on telling his story so he paused for a moment to enjoy her movements.
Suddenly she stopped moving and raised herself up to look him in the eyes. “Oh no, you are not stopping there”, she said with a devilish smile. “I’ll slow down a little, you just try to control your boys and finish this story.” She lowered herself back down onto his chest and whispered, “You may continue now”. 
            He smiled at her willingness to hear his story; he firmly tightened his grip on her ass and continued to whisper into her ear. 
            “As I desperately tried to get rid of my erection, I didn’t notice Rob come up behind me. He simply said, ‘Bud, where have you been hiding that?’ he smiled at me and suddenly dropped to his knees and took me into his mouth with one swift move.” 
            The thought of another man sucking Mitch’s cock forced Eileen’s orgasm to explode, she shook in his arms for a moment then cleared her mind and whispered, “I didn’t tell you to stop, keep talking sexy.”
            Her hips still working his stiff cock, he continued, “I was young, and didn’t know what a proper blow job was supposed to feel like. But after Rob’s mouth worked my cock like I had never thought possible. I must have blown my load after 2 minutes in his hot mouth.”
Another orgasm ripped through Eileen’s body, she dug her nails into his back and bit hard into his shoulder to stifle the screams. She did not want to end this until she heard what she hoped came next. Finally she whispered, “Go on.” 
            Taking a deep breath before swallowing hard, he finally gets the courage to continue. “As Rob stood up, I couldn’t help but drop to my knees and return the favor. So I pushed him back against the wall of the shower, sank to my knees and took his hard cock into my mouth.”
When those words finally came out of his mouth, Eileen clinched the walls of her pussy around his cock and erupted once again, causing Mitch to explode deep inside of her.
They stayed there for a few moments reflecting on what was just said, when Eileen finally pulled herself up she looked deep into his eyes and smiled, “So, did you swallow or what?”
Laughing he replied, “I’ll tell you the rest later, right now I need a smoke.”
Attempting to use her light frame to hold him down, “Oh, hell no mister! Spill it. Did you swallow? Did you go farther? I have to know now!” 
            Smiling at her attempt to hold him down, he tossed her aside and slide out of bed. Looking back at her he winked, “This time I get to be the tease.”

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kam's First Story

Tentative release date of Girl's Night Out is 3/2/2012 (Razor's Edge Press)