Sunday, September 30, 2012

A twofer from BadBarb

BadBarb not only showcased "Voyeur" on her blog this morning but she also posted a funny and kind-hearted review for "New Beginnings". 

Barb, I cracked up at the potato chip comparison. Thank you kindly for everything. You are the  greatest!

"Eileen and Mitch have a very happy marriage, so when Eileen broaches the subject of bringing in another couple to Mitch cannot help but be intrigued. When they meet Ashley and Travis they find a couple that is just as passionate as they are .

NEW BEGINNINGS rocks. I am fast becoming a Dirk Tyler and Kameron Brook addict. They are erotica's version of a potato chip. You cannot just read one. The more you read the more you are looking to read the next book. The chemistry they create between the couples
is electric and you can feel it from the very first word until the last.
NEW BEGINNINGS does a foursome in it with some f/f action which is light but seeing what Kameron and Dirk wrote has me thinking that they could slip into a genre that I have found lacking. I cannot wait to read the next book by Kameron Brook and Dirk Tyler.

Sunday Shout-Out

Dirk and I would like to publicly thank BadBarb for posting a stellar review of "Voyeur".  Barb is not only a sweet and funny ass lady, but she also runs a pretty kick ass blog. You should check it out. *smiles* 

Below, I shared the review from her blog. However, when and if you click on her link above, you'll find more reviews of other stories and possibly your next read. Again I say, check out her blog.

To Barb, thank you again for reading his panty soaking tale and showcasing him on your FB wall and blog. Much love! 

"Voyeur is smokin hot. No other word to describe it. Nate and Brooke are a happily married couple who love to enjoy each other and others with them as well. While on a business trip Nate meets Jay and feels an immediate connection. Not wanting to leave Brooke out of the fun, he takes Jay to his room and the three of them spend a night that neither will ever forget.

I quite simply loved VOYEUR from the first word to the last. In some ways VOYEUR is like the cognac that Nate likes to drink. It should be savored and dragged out as long as you can. Also you may need to get a cold shower afterwards. Just saying. But I can already tell this is going to be something I am going to be reading more then once, maybe 5 more times? maybe more?

Click on the link below the cover and go buy your copy. It will help warm you up on the upcoming cold nights ahead."

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Shout Out!

Today, Erotica For All is showing Dirk some love and attention. On their website, like page, and twitter account, they have graciously shared his bio and amazon links. Very nice of them!

Erotica For All's Website link

Erotica For All's FB Like Page

I love you, Dirk. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Kam gets lovin'

I'm thrilled to announce that another website, Erotica For All, has showcased the works by me (us). Tomorrow, they will be uploading Dirk's info onto their website, FB page, and twitter account. I'm sorry I don't have the twitter handle for you. I never could get into tweeting. However, I do have the link to their FB "like page" -------> Erotica For All (FB)

Fun Friday!

It might be gloomy outside but the dreary weather won't dampen my spirits. Tonight, my love and fellow writer Dirk, is coming home. To say he's been missed is putting it mildly. For all of you out there who are reading this Friday post, please take time out of your day to smooch on the one you love. I don't mean a goodbye kiss or a peck here and there. No, I mean a total make-out session. 

Courtesy of

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

This banner couldn't be any truer. In my heart, I believe family is anyone whom you love enough to allow them in your heart and vice versa. They accept you for who you are - the good and the bad. If you have people like this in your life, cherish them always. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Good morning, everyone. It's a gorgeous day outside. Almost seems unreal winter is just around the corner. My advice today for you is to enjoy the wonderful temperatures while they last. Go grab your sweetie and have a picnic in the park, take a walk tonight after work or during your lunch break, or lie outside under the stars and smooch a bit. The possibilities are endless with the one you love or in some cases, the one you can tolerate for the moment. *grins* 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chatting with Changeling Press

I'll be attending my first fan chat tonight at Writerspace. If you got the time, join me, other Changeling Press authors, and readers there. It starts at 8 central but I'll be fashionably late, around 8:30.

If Dirk can swing it, he will be stopping by too. We hope to see you there.

Kam <3

Starting Tuesday with a smile

I woke up this morning to an email waiting in my inbox. It directed me to BadBarbsPlace. I was shocked and humbled to read the rave review for "Welcome to the Neighborhood". However for me, that wasn't the brightest spot in the review. The bottom section had me smiling from ear to ear. 

This is Barb's exact words pulled from her blog, "This was my first time reading anything by Dirk Tyler and Kameron Brook and all I can say is more please?? I loved this. I love Miguel and Whit and with Meghan the three of them just fit. My only hope is that maybe Dirk and Kameron will write more of this fun triad??"

Stellar words, right? To you BadBarb, Dirk and I thank you immensely for reading the story and caring enough to devote a post on your blog to it. You rock!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Check us out at Goodreads!

Dirk and I love to hear our reader's thoughts on our stories. Positive or negative, it's all good. If you've read any of our stories, please consider letting us know your opinions on it. Each of the stories can be found at If you aren't familiar to the site, it's pretty easy to use. You create a free account and simply add books you've read or plan to read. You can chose to have it connect to your FB page too. 

Don't feel pressured or obligated to write a review. However, please do consider rating it with their star system.  Next to the photo below, you'll find direct links to all our books. Thank you in advance for reading us and consider my request above. :)

Girls' Night Out

New Beginnings

Welcome to the Neighborhood


Monday's Advice

The way I treat each day is simple. I pretend like each one could be my last. My advice: Don't close your mind and body off to new experiences because you don't want your last moments alive to be haunted with the dreaded question, "What if?"

Now, go out and enjoy your day. 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shower with a friend

Showering with a friend not only conserves water but it can also be sexy as hell. So go grab a friend and enjoy your Sunday! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A word from your sponsors

Dirk and I are a firm believer that everyone deserves the chance of being loved. It's why our stories are not limited to one specific genre. Be with whom makes you happy and brightens each and every day!

Friday, September 21, 2012

"Sinfully Delicious" Sneak Peek

Sin and Christine

My editor, god bless her heart, hasn't had the chance to read our submission, "Sinfully Delicious". Hopefully, her workload will lighten up and she'll be able to give us word if it's accepted or declined for a contract. In the meantime, we wanted to share one paragraph to the manuscript. It hasn't been professionally edited, so we ask you be lenient on the grammar mistakes. Thank you!

 Snippet of "Sinfully Delicious"

Sin watched with heated amusement as Christine attempted to walk nonchalantly to the door. He knew the truth behind the drunken steps. Like him, she’d been aroused before the engine turned over back at the club. Every couple beats, she would glance over her shoulder at him and the shy smile went straight to his cock. Yup, he was a goner and didn’t care in the slightest. What else he didn’t care about was who would be witnessing his next move. Latching onto Christine’s forearm, he pulled her up short and drew her back to his chest. He kissed a line across her bare shoulder to the shell of her ear. When Christine’s head lolled to the side, he reached round and slid a hand into the top of her dress, cupping the left breast while his thumb and index finger toyed with the taut pebble. “If you don’t start walking faster, I’m won’t be able to hold out much longer.” He pinched Christine’s puckered nipple and felt her suck in a hearty breath. “I repeat … get your ass in gear.” Reluctantly, he released his hold and smiled when she practically ran to the door and unlocked it, and ushered him inside. With a click of the deadbolt, he caged her against the doorframe, resuming the position he had her in outside. “Tell me you want this, Christine.”

Stellar review by a kick ass author!

Mega love goes out to Megan Slayer for giving "Welcome to the Neighborhood" such a gracious and raving review. Your kind words mean the word to us.

Review: I love to read. Love it. And I love to read my fellow authors where I'm published. I grabbed a copy of Welcome to the Neighborhood by Kameron Brook and Dirk Tyler. Whew! Talk about hot!

So what are my thoughts?

This is a hot story. Hands down, it's hot. I liked the interplay and teasing that takes place between these characters. The emotions are right out there and written with a loving touch that makes me want to delve into more works by these authors. I want more!

PS. If you aren't familiar with Megan Slayer, please check out her Blog link. She's a talented writer with whom I know you'll just fall in love with.

Oh I should mention she is so awesome, her creative juices couldn't be contained into one persona. If you haven't read Wendi Zwaduk before, there is no time like the present. Wendi's blog link

I totally agree!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Girls' Night Out won an award!

According to an email response from ARe (All Romance E-books), I was notified by Lori that Girls' Night Out has been listed as a "Best Selling Lesbian eBooks". I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Hugs and smooches to you all!

ARe purchase link for Girls' Night Out

With that being said, please help me get "New Beginnings" on their best seller's list too. New Beginnings' Purchase link

Welcome to the Neighborhood is here!

You heard me right, "Welcome to the Neighborhood" is actually available for purchase today. Please go download your copy today! (Feedback is appreciated)

Purchase link

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Welcome to the Neighborhood" is releasing soon!

With only two days left until the release of "Welcome to the Neighborhood", my good friend Julez S Morbius has opened up his Crypt doors once again to me. Please stop by his blog and check out the interview between him and I. While there, stay around and browse his creations, past interviews with other talented writers, or peruse his photo collections. To Julez, thank you kindly for the wonderful chat session and for the promotion. You, my man, are a helluva guy.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inching closer!

That's right. There are only three days left until our second collaboration hits the e-book presses. *big ass smile* While we all wait for the steamy (make your panties wet) release, how about you head over to Goodreads and add it to your to-read list for us. Reviews will be much appreciated.

Thank ya kindly,

Monday, September 17, 2012

Today marks the official countdown to the release of "Welcome to the Neighborhood". In four short days, you'll get to dive into the lives of devilishly handsome Whit and Miguel and their provocative neighbor, Meaghan. changelingpress' link

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sneak Peak to "Welcome to the Neighborhood"

September 21st release at


Meaghan paused her strenuous workout and stepped off the elliptical. Taking a quick glance out the window and toward the house a mere twenty feet away, she wondered if her audience was salivating this afternoon. Just in case they were lurking in the office, she turned around and gave the possible onlookers a nice view of her ass, which was covered only by spandex boy shorts. A pair so skimpy, it had her cheeks peeking out and teasing the gazes she hoped lingered on her.

She bent over, the shorts crawling up even more, and took her time unlacing her tennis shoes. She didn’t have to wiggle her ass in doing so, but if either guy was peeking in on her, she was going to give him a picture they wouldn’t soon forget.

* * *
Miguel stood in the shadows and swallowed hard. His temptress was back, again barely wearing anything. A fine sheen of sweat glistened on her skin. Damn, he was rock hard watching her body maneuver the elliptical bars, and when she suddenly glanced over his way and did a one-eighty turn, teasing him with an ass molded perfectly to fit his cock, he felt a droplet of come leak onto his shorts.

Yes. He would have her, fill her with his cock, and have her begging never to stop. He cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze, their weight heavy in his palm.

“How long are we going to wait for a piece of that fine ass? She moved in three months ago. What’s keeping you, Miguel? Fuck, don’t tell me you’ve gone gun-shy with the ladies.”

Lost in his fantasies, Miguel hadn’t heard Whit push open the door or step up behind him. His baritone voice broke the room’s silence and caused Miguel’s cock to swell further inside his gym shorts.

“I don’t think a one-night stand will be enough to quench our thirst for her.” Miguel reached behind and clasped Whit’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Most importantly, I also need to make sure she’ll be okay with us.”

Whit rested his head on Miguel’s shoulder, a slight smile tugging the corner of his mouth. Miguel never referred to them as an “us.” He always assumed Miguel saw them as no more than friends with benefits, and he was damn thrilled to hear Miguel proclaim them as more.

Whit harbored no jealousy regarding Meaghan entering their lives because he too was lusting over her. “It’s about fucking time you tell me we’re going steady. Does this mean I get a promise ring?”

Miguel chuckled and brought Whit’s hand up to his mouth, tenderly kissing the palm. “Sorry, honey, but I assumed since we’ve only been with each other the last six months, we were officially together. However, if you’d like a symbol of my commitment, I think I still have my letterman jacket up in the attic. It’s all yours.”

One touch of Miguel’s lips on his skin, anywhere, and Whit’s cock sprang to action. It was why he’d stopped dating other men. No other guy had this effect on him. They were simply not Miguel. “Okay, I’ll forgive the oversight since you’re looking sexy as hell, but yeah, get me that coat. Now, back to the outrageously smoking hot woman next door. I think it’s time you make your move. It’s time. Unless you want me to take the lead after all.”

Miguel heard the need in Whit’s voice and knew how badly his lover wanted to bury himself balls deep into Meaghan’s sweet pussy. Even now, Miguel’s thoughts were consumed with images of their three bodies sweating, licking, moaning heavily, and sometimes simply sharing a bed, just wrapped in each other’s arms. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Whit was fantasizing the same thing. “Baby, I’m working on it.”

Whit’s pants were housing a monstrous hard-on, and it was firmly pressed against Miguel’s ass. “We both know we love cock, but a warm pussy at night sounds pretty damn perfect, too. Don’t you agree?”

Miguel turned and framed Whit’s rounded face with his hands. “And that’s why you won’t be the one to approach her. I can see you using a line like that on her, and it’ll get your face smacked instead of your ass. Since you and I both know how much you love a good paddling, this time let’s use a bit of finesse.”

Miguel sensed the wheels turning in Whit’s head. Grinning, he leaned in for a kiss.

Whit opened his mouth to refute the teasing accusation about his smooth lines, but before he uttered a single syllable, Miguel took away his ability to speak.

Lips, plump and soft, were pressed softly against Whit’s, taking his breath away as each kiss turned more needy and demanding. His skin was aflame and drastically getting hotter. Whit’s cock was practically begging to be sucked, and damn, he was about to beg too when Miguel abruptly severed their connection and dropped to his knees. Whit reached for his zipper, but Miguel swatted his hand away and continued to take charge.

Whit leaned back against the office bookshelf, letting his pants drop to his ankles. Looking down, he couldn’t help but run his hands through Miguel’s slick, dark hair. He was always amazed at how it could look so wet but remain dry to the touch. Slowly, Whit moved the hair away from Miguel’s eyes so he could watch his lover devour his cock. He let out a soft moan as his cock reached the back of Miguel’s throat.

“Fuck!” Whit growled. “You really know how to work my cock. Much more of this, and I won’t be able to fuck that sexy little ass of yours. Now get up here!” Playfully pulling Miguel’s hair, Whit forced him to his feet. “Bend over. I have a need to taste that sweet ass of yours.”

With one quick move, Whit turned Miguel around and pressed him over the desk. He flicked on the desk lamp, quickly dropped to his knees, yanked down Miguel’s athletic pants, and shot his tongue deep into Miguel’s ass.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Writers sticking together!

Dirk Tyler and I would like to thank Julez S Morbius for showcasing our works on his blog, The Crypt, this morning. When you have a minute, please visit his blog and take a tour of his photos, personal story links, and much much more!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Information on WIP (work in progress)

Howdy and good afternoon, everyone. Today, I wrote the last line on the story I've had on the back burner for a while. "Sinfully Delicious" is written but still needs a read through before I submit it to Razor's Edge Press.

General Overview: Have you ever went to a Speed Dating event looking for "the one". Did it work out for you? Well, in Christine's case, she did meet the man of her dreams but stay tuned to find out who and what happens after they "meet".

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Countdown has begun!

"Welcome to the Neighborhood" is inching closer to publication. Before we know it, the 21st will be upon us. Are you excited? We sure are! Changeling Press doesn't have an excerpt readily available on their site; however, they do have the blurb, cover photo, and general information which I'll share below.

Price: $1.99
Word Count: 6K
Page Count: 21

Genres: Erotic Short Story, Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary), Ménage, GLBT, MMF

Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More

Length: Hot Flash

Cover art: Marteeka Karland

Love the vibrant green, Marteeka!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rave Review for New Beginnings.

Only a little over two weeks until the release of "Welcome to the Neighborhood". On that happy note, I wanted to share a review that I saw at for "New Beginnings".

" hot I thought my Kindle was going to melt. Mr. Tyler and Ms. Brook gave us an incredible story."

-- 4 & 1/2 Hearts from Teresa T., The Romance Studio

For me, I'm over the moon by the wonderful review. As relative newbies to this writing world, we are still trying to get our names out there and any press is good press. Yes, that would include negative. In my humble opinion, I believe there is always room for improvement in us all.