About Us

When some people see that a person or couple is writing erotica, they instantly think the writer(s) are perverts or the stories are porn. Well, we hope that we can change that image. We are simply a couple who has an active erotic imagination and have decided to write out our fantasies instead of locking them away in our heads.

Yes, we are both very sexual beings who love to have sex with one another and occasionally bring others into our bed as well. We are both bi-sexual and enjoy sharing our bodies with others like us. With that said, we are not looking to cyber with anyone.  

All of the stories, published or future WIP's, will have a degree of truth to them. Some of them have been acted upon; others have not. We will not tell you which ones are which. That, we will leave up to your imagination. *winks*

We hope you enjoy our creations, past and future works. And as always, feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. 


In regards to the images we post, we will do our best to link over to the site/source from which they are borrowed. In cases where no source is sited, we will leave it blank. However, if anyone knows the source for us to credit, please supply us the information. We will gladly update the blog post and give credit where credit is due. 

Showcase and interview information

If you'd like to be showcased on our blog with either a story release or in an interview, please send us a message. We'll gladly dedicate a posting or two to you. Also, if you'd like for me (Kam) to read and give an honest review of your creation then don't hesitate to drop me a line. 

However, do not contact us if you write about any of the following:

  • pedophilia
  • bestiality
  • necrophilia
  • rape for arousal
  • scat
  • incest
  • urine play